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10 Great Gift Ideas for Sustainable Gifts

10 Great Gift Ideas for Sustainable Gifts

Holiday shopping can be stressful. In 2020, it can be even more difficult due to a lack of available products in stores, leaving a gift-giver to the whims of google search results, a melee of competing ads and a potential lack of focus. Add in a loved one who may live a sustainable lifestyle, and the average person may not even know where to begin! Happily this season, we at Butter and Lye have you covered with ten fantastic, sustainable gift ideas for every special person in your life.


Best All in One Gift

#1: Zero Waste Gift Box; $48

This little box from EarthHero is the perfect starter kit for someone who wants to begin living a zero-waste lifestyle, or present for a friend who already lives sustainably. A wonderful treat that might bring your perfect-gift search to an end, this box contains a sampling of some amazing and useful products that any eco-friendly soul can’t live without! Get ready to experience a bamboo toothbrush, a stainless-steel reusable straw, and silicone sandwich bags…among other nifty items! And if for some reason this gift set doesn’t quite hit the mark, EarthHero is an entire sustainable marketplace with a number of gift options that are the epitome of buying responsibly.


Best Stocking Stuffer

#2: Bamboo Razor Handle; $11

How many razor handles can you go through in one year? With their cheap plastic casings and propensity to be one of the best homes for mildew in your bathroom, razors are one of those necessary products that are quick to wind up in the local landfill. Sustainable hearts, worry no more, and make room in your toilette for this chic and sophisticated bamboo razor handle! Most importantly, this handle is re-fillable, allowing you to keep your carbon footprint tiny while maintaining a silky-smooth shave. Make sure to snatch one of these up for your loved ones from Public Goods, an amazing online resource for sustainable products.


Best Skin Care

#3: Butter + Lye Soap Gift Set; From $32

Butter and Lye is a Brooklyn-based, natural soap company committed to creating products that are simple, gentle on skin and zero-waste. To make life easy, their 2020 soap set is all wrapped up and ready to be sustainably gifted! Butter and Lye has included their best-selling Exfoliating Pink Clay and Moisturizing Rosehip bars, while introducing a limited-edition Winter Spice Bar for your loved one’s enjoyment. If that wasn’t all, you get a choice of an Exfoliating Washcloth or Concrete Soap Dish to complete this 100% sustainable gift.


Best Beauty Product

#4: YFE Sensitive Skin Face Lotion; $18

This incredible everyday moisturizer from YAYFOREARTH can be used both in the morning and evening and is suitable for all skin types! This sustainable company focuses on sourcing only organic and fair-trade items to ensure that their products are cruelty free and reduce their carbon footprint. YFE Sensitive Skin Face Lotion is an excellent moisturizer that is also useful for naturally treating a variety of skin ailments, from relieving winter dry skin, to reducing eczema, lessening rashes, removing make-up and more! Make sure to check this delightful product out!


Best Thoughtful Gift

#5: Zero Waste Lunch Kit with Tumbler; $119

For the sustainable individual who might already seem to have it all, this lunch kit packs the punch of being a thoughtful gift with a lot of class. This coordinated set contains a bento bag, a 2-tier stainless steel lunchbox, a steel tumbler, snack container, and cloth napkin w/bamboo cutlery and stainless-steel straw. Perfect for lunches to go or trips to the park or beach, this travel kit makes it easy to transport food sustainably in a very pretty package. Make sure to grab this kit over at Wild Minimalist, and while there, check out their other sustainable offerings as well!


Best for Clothing

#6: Alternative Apparel; $Varied

Soft. Simple. (even more) Sustainable. Such is the core focus of Alternative Apparel, an online retailer that uses recycled materials wherever possible to create innovative fabrics across its clothing and accessory lines. Not only are the clothes sustainable, but this company ships in oxo-biodegradable mailer bags and ensures that its factories adhere to Fair Labor Association Guidelines. Offering attire options for men, women and children, in addition to a large selection of sustainable jewelry, accessories and home goods, Alternative Apparel is an awesome site to check out when searching for sustainable versions of those traditional gifts we all enjoy giving.


Best for the Little Ones

#7: The Block Set; $90

Loveevery’s classic block set reaches new heights by keeping STEM learning at the forefront of development for children age eighteen months to forty-eight months. Little ones can stack, roll, count, sort, categorize and connect while developing an early knowledge of gravity, magnetism, cause and effect, and more. Best of all, the entire set is made from sustainably harvested FSC-Certified wood, and arrives in its own wooden storage box that converts into a pull car!


Best Practical Gift

#8: The Everyday Clean; $69 or Subscribe and Save

For the person who appreciates keeping stocked on the little things, this reusable cleaning set also comes with its own selection of non-toxic refills to handle some of the most common messes in the home. This set includes 3 different cleaning sprays (Multi-Surface, Glass & Mirror, and Bathroom Cleaner), Foaming Hand Soap, Dish Soap and Dishwasher tablets. These products are all cruelty-free, and made without triclosan, artificial dyes and artificial fragrances. Even better, you can gift your loved one with a subscription to these products, saving them from trips to the store for months and possibly, years to come. Whether for yourself or a loved one, definitely make sure to check this handy set from Blueland out!


Best Gift for the Kitchen Lover

#9: Bee’s Wrap Baker Bundle; $57

Bee’s Wrap is an incredible re-usable product made from organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin that is intended to replace plastic wrap in the kitchen. This easy to use wrap is suitable for long-term use, being completely washable. However, when it is finally time to replace with new wrap, this product is entirely compostable as well. Wow, right? This adorable set includes a roll of Bee’s Wrap that can be cut into any size needed, and a Vermont Maple Drying Rack to sustainably dry those pesky dishes that always pile up.


Best Gift for the Sample Lover

#10: Butter + Lye Mini Soap Gift Set; $15

This mini soap set is a great way to introduce your loved one to the fantastic product offerings from the folks at Butter and Lye. Included in this set are samples of all five of their face and body bars, in addition to a bonus solid shampoo bar as well! Not only is this set an incredible introduction to the best-loved products of this Brooklyn-based, zero-waste start-up, but it will allow your sample loving friends to enjoy an excellent selection and decide on their favorites to re-order! Of course, if you already know which bars are their favorite, treat them to the full-size versions at Butter and Lye, or consider a gift-set!


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