Plastic Free Solid Shampoo Bar
Oil Reducing Charcoal Face and Body Soap
Exfoliating Pink Clay Face and Body Soap
Moisturizing Rosehip Face and Body Soap
Healing Turmeric Face and Body Soap
Gift Set
Exfoliating Agave Fiber Washcloth
Concrete Soap Dish

A cleaner way to clean

Butter and Lye is a natural soap company committed to creating products that are simple and gentle on your skin. Full of what your skin needs and free from what it doesn’t, our bar soaps provide the perfect clean without artificial fragrances, colors, or any of the toxins that leave your skin feeling dull, dry, and damaged.

Our cold-processed formulas are developed by biochemist and New York native Monique Garraud Kofsky, who sought an alternative to the commercial soap products that wreak havoc on our skin and our planet. As a result, she created a soap collection that is full of good-for-your-skin natural ingredients packaged with eco-consciousness in mind.

We are dedicated to maintaining a low carbon footprint while ensuring that you receive the highest quality products. By supporting us and other sustainable small businesses offering eco-friendly products, you too are doing your part to maintain a clean and healthy environment for generations to come. Thank you!

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make your home eco-friendly
8 Easy Ways to Green Your Lifestyle

More and more people are being careful about their choices effect the environment. From using natural soap, to buying reusable bags, and even practicing Meatless Mondays, there are numerous ways that anyone can be better to our planet. Truth be told, there are hundreds of ways for us to create a more sustainable future.

Benefits of Avocado Oil on Hair
Is Avocado Oil good for your hair?

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