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Bamboo Dish Brushes

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This all-natural brush cleans your dishes and pots effectively without the use of annoying plastics. Easy to use, these brushes feature an ergonomic bamboo handle and bristles made from plant derived sisal and coconut husk fibers.

Dish soap and holder combo sold seperately.

Instructions: Wet brush and rub on soap bar to form a slight lather. Wash dishes/pots and rinse. For best results, rinse and dry brush thoroughly after each use. Store in dry location, bristle side down.

Size: 2.5 x 1.8 x 3 in | 100% Natural | Not Tested on Animals

Made With:

Beige Dish Brush: Bamboo handle and sisal bristles

Brown Pot Brush: Bamboo handle and coconut husk bristles

All Natural

Bamboo: fast-growing, sustainable grass

Coconut Husk: a fiber extracted from the outter shell of coconuts

Sisal: a strong fiber made from leave of the Agave sisalana plant

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1 review for Bamboo Dish Brushes

Jennifer Ehresmann

I’ve been using these amazing little brushes and the dish soap for a few months now. First of all they all look so cute at sink, and then the cleaning power.. WHOA!! I had spaghetti sauce in a brand new Tupperware and they completed cleaned it, no stains!! Also doesn’t hurt that using these make me feel a little fancy while doing dishes lol!

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