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make your home eco-friendly

20 Dec: 8 Easy Ways to Green Your Lifestyle

More and more people are being careful about their choices effect the environment. From using natural soap, to buying reusable bags, and even practicing Meatless Mondays, there are numerous ways that anyone can be better to our planet. Truth be told, there are hundreds of ways for us to create a more sustainable future.

Benefits of Avocado Oil on Hair

20 Dec: Is Avocado Oil good for your hair?

If you have been wondering if avocado oil is good for your hair, then you’ve come to the right place! After all, avocados are all the rage in the health, beauty, wellness and nutrition realms these days. Fresh avocados are nutritional powerhouses, full of vitamins and nutrients, and the oil is no different. So, let’s dive in!


05 Nov: How Soap Can Change The World

When it comes to helping our Planet, everyone talks about the usual things— planting trees, turning off the tap, saving electricity, reusing, reducing, and recycling, etc. As important as these are, have you ever stopped to consider how the soap we choose to use could bring about the end of the world as we know it?